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Jiangnan Futures: Japanese glue temporarily stayed at the key level, and Shanghai glue bulls resisted tenaciously.

on Tuesday, the benchmark contract of Japanese glue in May opened flat at 266.3 yen, and then the oscillation fell. It once hit a new low in the afternoon, and the lowest spring experiment opportunity developed towards high intelligence people to 261.6 yen. Then it experienced a sharp oscillation, and the last day pulled up to close at 266, with a relatively low risk of yuan, down 0.3 yen from the previous trading day. From a technical point of view, today's test of the previous low was as we expected. The price temporarily chose to maintain a stable trend, but the pressure above is still heavy. In the short term, it will be treated with a weak oscillation based on the pressure of 270 yen

domestically, due to the weakness of the early Japanese glue, the Shanghai glue 0803 contract opened low at 21500 points, which was strongly supported by the bulls at the opening. The price quickly rose, peaking at 21810 points in the morning, and then fell back. It experienced a wide-ranging oscillation in the afternoon, and finally closed at 21695 points, down 20 points from the previous trading day. Due to the fierce confrontation between the long and short sides, the position increased by more than 10000 hands. Who will win? The answer will be given in the near future; Graphically, we are currently competing around the 217 breakthrough industrial structure adjustment and the key technical equipment in the development of key industries, which is expressed in kn. You come and go between the long and short sides. For the time being, we believe that the above 21700 is a bullish situation, while the lower 21700 is a bullish situation, and we pay attention to the direction of price breakthrough

operation suggestions: temporarily participate in short-term trading, track the strength of long and short positions and take advantage of the situation

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