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May 4th Youth Day: no struggle, no youth

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today is May 4th Youth Day. Are you still young

the age groups determined by who are: young people under 44, middle-aged people between 45 and 59, young and old people between 60 and 74, old people between 75 and 89, and long-lived people over 90

the May 4th Youth Day originated from China's anti imperialist patriotic "May 4th Movement" in 1919. The May 4th patriotic movement is a thorough patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism, and it is also the beginning of China's new democratic revolution. In 1939, the northwest youth salvation Federation of the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia border region designated May 4 as China Youth Day

a hundred years later, judging from the current experiments, today, a new generation of young people thrive, always remember the patriotism, continue to inherit the spirit of the May 4th movement, continue to learn, continue to grow, and defend the dignity of the motherland with their struggling youth

the spirit of the May 4th movement also inspires a new generation of young people to become the hope and backbone of the nation. They dare to fight for truth and justice, defy darkness and speak out bravely

the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead, and the generation is better than the generation in providing security for the community. Everyone who works hard in his youth is the bravest soldier

although we are not sure about the future, we can grasp the present. As long as we are on the road, there is no distance we can't reach

youth is a kind of strength, which makes us energetic; Youth is a kind of spirit. Let's move forward independently

I wish you a long journey to the stars and the sea, and I wish you return as a teenager

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