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On May 5, a brief comment on the polyester filament Market in Shengze chemical fiber Market

on May 5, the polyester trading atmosphere in Shengze chemical fiber market is still quite light, and the purchase enthusiasm of downstream weaving enterprises is very low. The hydraulic universal material testing machine adopts hydraulic afterburner low-priced brands to occupy the market, which hinders the sales of some high-priced brands. After Shengze textile factory reduced the semi gloss and gloss FDY yesterday, the price of DTY polyester fiber decreased by yuan/ton today, among which the price of dty75d/72f fell to 15700 yuan/ton. In addition, the ex factory price of most varieties of FDY in large textile mills has been reduced by 100 yuan/t; Chip spinning enterprises still fell. Before Taicang and Shengze direct spinning Po plastic profiles were extruded, the quotation of y was stable, and the price concession promotion could still be negotiated during the actual transaction. In Wuxi, the ex factory price of polyester FDY spinning factory has been reduced by yuan/t, the price of semi matte fdy63d has fallen to 12750 yuan/t, and the price of dayouguang 75d/36f has fallen to 12900 yuan/t

from the perspective of product dynamics, the price of FDY series products is weak. The market center price of fdy50d and 63d is, yuan/ton, while the market sales of fdy68d/18f, 68d/24d and 50d/72f are good and the price is relatively stable; However, the demand of dayuoguang FDY silk in Shengze area is no less than that in the same period last year. FDY Youguang 150D or above market is relatively dynamic, which is mainly used for the production of Oxford cloth series bags, and the price of silk is 12300 yuan/t. The output of dty50d/72f, dty100d/144f and 150d/144f is also OK, but the sales of conventional varieties in the mainstream market are still weak. POY products continued to remain depressed. Although the price of products in Tongxiang fell by 100 yuan/ton, for example, the cash quotation of poy150d/48f fell to 11500 yuan/ton, it was still not attractive to ammunition manufacturers, and the demand for POY products was weaker. At present, the trading volume of polyester market is small, and the psychology of buying up or not buying down in the downstream is very obvious. The market wait-and-see mood is very heavy. Both manufacturers and traders are bearish about the polyester market, with TM of about 175 ℃. In addition, the procurement volume of downstream weaving enterprises is weak, and they are basically cautious about production and quantity. Therefore, during this period, polyester prices will also have the following link: the trend of adjusting new chemical materials listed in the catalogue

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