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Shanghai Tianjiao high volatility on May 6

due to the sharp rise in the price of crude oil futures in New York, the 809 contract of Shanghai Tianjiao futures opened high on May 6, but it once increased its position in the morning and fell. The full day price was in the range of 22320-22650 yuan, and the final market closed at 22575 yuan/ton, up 290 yuan or 1.30%

affected by the sharp rise in the price of crude oil futures in New York on the 5th, the Shanghai Tianjiao 809 contract opened higher on Tuesday (May 6), but it fell rapidly in the morning. During the period, the position increased, and slowly rebounded after stabilizing near 22300 yuan, but the position gradually decreased. The operating range of the futures price was 22320-22650 yuan, and the final market closed at 22575 yuan/ton, up 290 yuan or 1.30% from the settlement price on the 5th

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the trading volume of Shanghai Tianjiao 809 contract increased on May 6, with a total position of 86384 hands, a change of +4.9% from the 5th; The top five bulls have a total position of more than 13000 hands; Short positions were more than 17000 hands, with little change. Last Thursday (1st), the total positions of the top five long and short positions in the Japanese rubber 810 contract were close

in the crude oil market, the settlement price of crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) in June rose sharply on the 5th, and the settlement price closed at US $119.97/barrel, a change of +3.14% from the 2nd day. Iran said it would not consider any assistance from western countries on the condition of restricting its nuclear technology, which may cause tension in the Gulf. In addition, the dollar index fell, which promoted oil prices. The market is still searching for themes to drive oil prices. The fundamental reason may be the strong demand in China. Crude oil remains strong, which is beneficial to the price of natural rubber

in terms of exchange rate, the dollar fell about 0.5% against the yen on the 2nd, but it is still on the rise, which will not have a great impact on the rubber price

in terms of weather, there are showers in the northern Tianjiao production area of Thailand, and showers in the main Tianjiao production area in the South; The weather in the Malay Peninsula of Malaysia is cloudy, and the weather in the northern part of Kalimantan island is sunny or showers; It is rainy in Sumatra island, the main production area in Indonesia, and it should be used in the south of Kalimantan island. The weather in the search and refueling department is sunny or thunderstorms; There are thunderstorms in Hainan, China, and it is cloudy in Yunnan. On the whole, the weather has little impact on the future market

in terms of spot goods, on May 6, Chinalco's pending orders were good; The official quotation of Malaysian standard glue SMR20 rose in early trading. The FOB quotation in June was 275.95 cents/kg, a +0.8% change from the quotation on the afternoon of the 5th; The official midday quotation of RSS3 in Bangkok, Thailand, rose, with the FOB quotation of 91.20 baht in June, a change of +0.5% from the midday quotation on the 5th. In terms of Asian spot goods on the previous trading day (the 5th), FOB prices rose in May, with Thai cigarette glue RSS3 at 290 cents/kg, a change of +0.3% from the 2nd day; Indonesian standard glue sir20 reported 280 cents/kg, a change of +0.4%, and Malaysian standard glue SMR20 reported 280.5 cents/kg, a change of +0.9%. In general, as the peak season approaches, the quotations of major producing countries not only do not fall, but also show signs of rise, which supports the futures market

in other aspects, Vietnam exported about 45000 tons of rubber in April 2008, which was the same as that of the same period in 2007. Vietnam's rubber export volume in April 2008 was 1.13 billion US dollars, an increase of another 29.9% from 870 million US dollars in March. From January to April 2008, Vietnam exported 169000 tons of rubber, a decrease of 7.2% compared with the same period in 2007, but the export volume increased by 23.7%. This reflects that high prices may inhibit some consumption of natural rubber

the sharp rise in crude oil prices has led to the rise in the price of natural rubber. At present, the rising trend of the yen exchange rate is still good, which is also beneficial to the price of natural rubber. Transactions in the domestic natural rubber market have improved, and the spot prices of major producing countries are strong, which makes it difficult for futures prices to fall sharply. The weather is changeable in summer, and the futures market will be affected by the weather conditions

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