Application of YINGSHUO servo system in air traffi

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YINGSHUO servo system is applied to ATC Radar

Simple (2) isolation object analysis: isolate the research object from the surrounding objects and introduce the next ATC Radar:

the radar used by ATC is divided into two systems. One is the reflective main radar used to detect air objects, which we call primary radar; The other is called secondary radar. In fact, secondary radar is not a single radar, but a system that can change the viscosity of resin, including radar beacon and data processing. Its official name is air control radar beacon system (ATCRBS)

in the early 1970s, the combination of computer technology and radar realized the full automation of air traffic control radar. This system inputs the data of primary radar and secondary radar into the data processing system. The high-speed computer receives the data from three aspects: the first is the radar information of primary radar, the second is the beacon information from secondary radar, and converts it into digital code, and the third is the flight process data input by the air traffic control center, that is, various data of flight plan. When this system tracks an aircraft, if its flight plan has been reported to the air traffic control center, then the relevant data has been stored in the computer, and the next expected position and altitude of the aircraft will be displayed on the display screen, so that the controller can completely get rid of the progress sheet. Chinese biomedical materials are mainly used as medical devices in clinical use, and all relevant data of the aircraft can be obtained directly on the radar screen. This system has greatly improved the air control environment and control efficiency

whether imported or domestic equipment

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