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Recent PE market profile in some regions

Yuyao: the external quotation continues to rise, the international crude oil and ethylene prices continue to rise, domestic demand has increased, PE devices are parked more, and the supply is tight. Stimulated by these positive news, the PE market continued to rise in an all-round way, especially the LDPE price. However, downstream users reported that the price rose too high and too fast, which was difficult to accept. It is expected that the future market will be mainly stable, and the prices of some brands will continue to rise

Shanghai: affected by the Shanghai Petrochemical accident, PE supply in Shanghai is tight and prices are rising in an all-round way. Recently, although there are still many uncertain factors in the external environment of Shanghai port, the arrival of imported PE is not much, and the price is higher than that in the early stage by yuan/ton. The future market is stable and rising

Yantai: the price of Yantai plastic market this week was affected by the arrival of imports, rising and falling, and the market purchase turned from strong to weak. It is expected that there will be a slight decline in the future

Linyi: the trading in Linyi plastic market has been weak recently, and the prices of some products show signs of rising and falling. According to dealers, it was difficult for downstream users to accept the sharp rise in price, resulting in less active transactions. However, most dealers are optimistic about the future market. They believe that the current market confidence is recovering, and the price is not as high as that of steel, which has always been the main space for the decline of automotive materials

Changsha: the market rose slightly. Polypropylene rose rapidly, but the market could not keep up

Shenzhen: affected by the Shanghai Petrochemical emergency, the market rose in an all-round way this week. It is expected that there is still a chance to rise in the stable future market

Longkou: this week continued the upward trend of last week, with good sales. At present, the high-pressure membrane material is generally at yuan/ton, an increase of 350 yuan/ton; Linearity is generally at yuan/ton, with an increase of 250 yuan/ton; Low pressure: membrane materials and hollow materials are at yuan/ton, wire drawing materials are at 6650 yuan/ton, and plastic injection materials are at 6650 yuan/ton, both rising by about 150 yuan/ton

Shantou: this week, Shantou PE meets the needs of rapid switching of different products; The module adopts a large number of connecting rod mechanisms, and the price continues to rise to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data. In particular, the high-pressure rise is large, the market transaction is stable, and the supply of goods is slightly tight. Recently, the import volume of Shantou port is normal, and the price has increased compared with the previous period. The outlook continues to be positive

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