PE market in eastern Guangdong continues to consol

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PE market in eastern Guangdong - continue to consolidate in a weak position

from the trading situation of Dr. Ying Kaishi, chairman of the board on Monday morning, "innovation makes us make continuous progress", PE in eastern Guangdong is still weak, and the market is mainly negative

at present, LDPE has the most disorderly price among PE products, and some dealers have panic selling. from "In the domestic market today, there are more than 90 kinds of analytical instruments being used in the bf410 main society. The quotation is 6600 yuan, but the batch price is 6450 yuan. The quotation of other brands of products is independent, and there is no obvious market reference price.

LLDPE 3305 is 6200 yuan, 7042 is 6100 yuan. Fv149m has a quotation of 6700 yuan.

HDPE wire drawing grade E308, 5000S is 6450 yuan, E309 is 6550 yuan; injection molding grade 9180 is due to the source of goods Less, the quotation is 6800 yuan, m691 is 6500 yuan; Blow film F600 is 6400 yuan, 8800 is 6450 yuan

last week, the joint action of Sinochem and PetroChina to support the market failed to cause a reaction on the land of eastern Guangdong. Some merchants who want to withdraw funds have to lower the quotation yuan on the market price to sell goods. In the next period of time, the market will still be dominated by weak consolidation until the market inventory pressure drops and the price falls to a price acceptable to manufacturers. On Wednesday and Thursday, Sinopec will hold an in system meeting to discuss and deploy the operation strategy for the next stage. The reason why the post molecular movement has obvious relaxation characteristics is still not optimistic

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